Shopping For David Clark Aviation Headsets

An important part of piloting a plane safely is being able to clearly hear incoming communication without excess noise or interference. Additionally, you also need to be able to transmit your own messages clearly so that the person receiving them on the other end can easily understand what you are saying. Finally, you also need to take measures to protect your hearing since most of today’s airplanes have loud engine noise that can damage hearing over time. A high-quality David Clark aviation headset can accomplish all of these things.

Designed to allow pilots to easily communicate with the outside world, these headsets offer a number of benefits. For one thing, they allow pilots to talk at normal voice levels without having to raise their voices in order to be heard. This can help keep outgoing communications crisp and clear so that they can easily be understood. Additionally, it can help prevent vocal strain for the pilot.

Another area where these headsets shine is their ability to receive incoming communications with crystal clarity. Being able to understand what the control tower is saying to you while you are in the air is absolutely essential if you want to stay safe while flying. It is well worth investing in one of these high-quality headsets before you take to the skies. Every step that you can take to improve communication will also help improve safety. Once you are in the air, there is no room for mistakes. You can’t risk miscommunication or other unnecessary errors. Even a small mistake can have tragic results when it comes to flying.

Finally, David Clark aviation headsets are also designed to protect the hearing of the pilot. Typically, planes of all sizes have a lot of cockpit noise due to the engine or propellers. Minimizing this noise as much as possible is essential if you don’t want to suffer hearing loss. Choosing a headset that guards against outside noise can help keep your ears safe no matter how many years you fly. Additionally, minimizing cockpit noise can also make it easier to hear incoming communications, ensuring that you don’t miss important instructions from the ground or from other planes in the sky.

As a pilot, one of your most important purchases is a high-quality headset for flying. By choosing a model that not only offers clear communication but also helps to protect your hearing, you can get the best of both worlds.

Someone Told Me To Boycott Wal-Mart, Why?

Walmart at 8500 Golf Road, NIles. PhotoPat Krochmal

The site above is the best place for the whole scoop about why Wal-Mart is the devil in many peoples opinions.  The fact is, I have a love/hate relationship with WalMart myself.  I really love the convienence of making ONE shopping trip at payday and buying everything we need from pet supplies to household “schtuff” like new towels AND all the groceries…BUT…the more I learn about WalMart, the more I hate them.

Woman carrying shopping bags

The simple truth for us for the last few years has been that WalMart is cheaper than anyone else around here on many items and stocks some items that otherwise are very hard to find.  One of the biggest thrills I’ve had with our slightly increased income this year is that the hubby and I made the conscious decision to avoid shopping at Wal-Mart whenever possible.  I feel so much better 😀 and in the case of things like fresh produce – I think we are getting better food, even if we are paying a few pennies more for it.  Even my friend who can turn cremated ashes into diamonds will never shop there, even if he was paid.

Anyhow – if you’ve been wondering why so many people say Wal-Mart is the devil – go check out that blog and find out why.  Their sins are many and amazing.  Their “Made in America” goods?  Made in places like American Samoa by children in sweat shops working for pennies a day.  Made in America my ass.  They certainly do hire the employees that couldn’t get a job anywhere else – and then treat them like slave labor.  If they dare to unionize, as did one store in Canada, they just shut the entire store down and fire all of the employees.  No, really, this did happen.  They expect their employees to come early and stay late – off the clock.

Yes, work for free.  And if you refuse, you’re fired.  They allow children to run dangerous equipment.  When the U.S. Labor Department threatened charges over that, they made a deal with them that the Labor Department would give them 24 hour notice of inspections.  Just who is the Labor Department working for here anyway?  And I don’t really have to go into how Wal-Mart competes Mom & Pop stores out of business in both metro and rural areas, do I?  And us consumers?  Well, I so very well realize that an awful of us are just like we were the last few years – so broke that we can’t afford NOT to shop at Wal-Mart.


Oh, I almost forgot one – if Wal-Mart was a country, they would be China’s third largest trading partner. Wal-Mart alone.  By the way, it seems that many of the goods “made in China” are made by people in “retraining camps”, that is political prisoners who are unpaid and serving indefinate sentences. But…if you can, when you can…remember all these things and try to avoid Wal-Mart when you do have the opportunity.  The site mentioned at the top of this article will also give you the information you need to contact Wal-Mart and let them know that WE KNOW and we will vote with our dollars against their exploitative policies.